Soley Aloha is a company seeking to share and encourage an "aloha lifestyle". A love for the ocean and land, patience, kindness, love for one another and all in all joyfully sharing life is what it's all about.

Billie Shay Soley and Stuart Soley established Soley Aloha in September 2011 in the heart of the Islands, Maui, Hawaii. Their main focus is to honor and share the experiences that they have encountered with Aloha. They believe and encourage that the message here is universal and that the whole world should share aloha. The Hawaiian ways of aloha are something so beautiful and a concept that could change the world. The five shapes together appear as a universal, fundamental language that can be experienced by all. "It's not just love, its a lifestyle" honors that Aloha can be used to say hello, goodbye and to express love but more than that it is a way to live your life daily. Sharing love, light, taking care of the aina and treating others with respect and love are just some of the ways to experience life. Lets all joyfully share this beautiful day that we are blessed to have and create a better world.ALOHA!

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