12 Healing Foods that can easily be integrated into your daily diet!! 

1. Bananas - Its a stress buster! The B6 and Sugars help our bodies get a slight boost, increasing serotonin levels decreasing our stress level! 

2. Apricots - Kidney Cleanser! Helps get potassium and fiber to our bodies keeping our kidneys clear and working properly  

3. Kelp -Disease Preventer! Rich in Iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and various other minerals. 

4. Mushrooms - Cancer Fighter! Shitake Mushrooms in particular are full of lentinan, an anti-tumor polysaccharide compound! It helps to prevent cancer in both the stomach and colon. 

5. Lemon - Detoxifier!! Lemon help detox our internal system and can help to prevent disease.

6. Honey -  Common Cold Fighter! Its antimicrobial property can soothe and cure throat infections as well as inflammation both symptoms of the common cold. 

7. Garlic- Yeast Fighter - Garlic Helps to rid your body of excessive yeast preventing your body of infections such as a yeast infection.  

8. Apple Cider Vinegar - Nutrients Absorbtion! - Apple Cider Vinegar helps our body detoxify and help our body break down complex foods! 

9. Orange Juice - Energy Booster - OJ helps our body to fight oxidative stress and allows energizing oxygen to move faster throughout the body.

10. Raisins -Blood Pressure Regulators -  Raisins help to keep our cardiovascular system healthy by normalizing the blood pressure levels. They also contain dietary fibers and potassium that help to prevent and cure hypertension

11. Yogurt - Probiotics - Help with digestion and help to prevent several diseases ie. irritable bowel syndrome.

Last but not least.. One of my Favorites...

12.Ginger - Stomach Soother - Helps with digestion and can alleviate upset stomach! 

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