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Blue leather Aloha Shapes® Mission Belt with gunmetal buckle
Mission Belt how it works chart
Mission Belt how to resize chart

Aloha Shapes® Mission Belt "Blue Leather & Gunmetal Buckle"

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You can find a regular old belt just about anywhere, but where can you find a high quality, customizable-sized belt with ALOHA flair? You've come to the right place. This is the only spot on the inter-webs you will find an Aloha Shapes® Mission Belt!

  • 1.25" Genuine leather with synthetic coating
  • 35mm Metal alloy buckle

What's so darn special about these belts?

  • Perfect fit. The unique ratchet system allows you to adjust every 1/4" as opposed to 1" on regular belts. Think a quick-release zip tie for your waist!
  • No holes. Remember those ugly, stretched-out belt holes? Not gonna happen here.
  • Easy on, easy off. The fast-release lever will shave time off your next airport screening. 
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty

See how it works here:

    Men's sizing:

    • Small - Size 28-32" waist
    • Medium - Size 33-35" waist
    • Large - Size 36-38" waist
    • XL - size 39-42" waist

    Belts are sized but with a quick cut you can downsize the belt to fit just to your liking. (Resizing information in product photos as well as a video tutorial at