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About Us

Soley family holiday photo taken in Maui, Hawaii

Stu, Keegan & Billie Soley, 2020


   Soley Aloha is a small family-run business that has grown from a tiny seed planted many years ago. The business was established in 2012 as a side job while the owners, Billie and Stu Soley, worked their full-time jobs. They woke up at 4am every Saturday and set up a booth at the Maui Swap Meet where they sold Billie’s hand-screen printed tees and Stu’s photography prints. 

Soley ohana selling their first Aloha Shapes apparel at Maui Hawaii swap meet in 2012

Billie & Stu Soley at Maui Swap Meet, 2012

The husband and wife team were moved by the Aloha Spirit and felt that the principles of Aloha are ones they wished to share and pass on. The love for the earth, the love for one another, the true sense of community and treating others with humbled respect and kindness are some of these main principles. They trademarked the Aloha Shapes® logo in 2015 and the first brick & mortar shop was established in November of 2016 at Maui Tropical Plantation, while they were 8 months pregnant with their first child. Keegan Makena Soley, aka “The boss”, was born just a few weeks later.

Billie Soley working at the shop while Keegan naps

The shapes in the company logo which form the word ALOHA are symbols of a universal language that can cross barriers of all kinds; one that can bring people together with a mutual understanding of what the Aloha Spirit feels like. If you have felt Aloha, then you read these shapes with a better understanding that Aloha should be a fundamental way of life which could enrich our whole society. “It's not just love, it's a lifestyle” is the company motto because even though the word Aloha can mean “Hello”, “Goodbye” and “Love”, it is rooted in a much deeper meaning and is a way to live your life daily. 

Soley ohana standing outside their first brick and mortar shop at Maui Tropical Plantation

Billie, Stu & Keegan Soley outside the original Soley Aloha Boutique & Gallery at Maui Tropical Plantation, 2020 

The Soley's have grown as a family, weathered the storms of a small business, trudged through the pandemic and pushed forward to their new location today located in the heart of one of the best towns in the world, Pāʻia, on the beautiful island of Maui.

The Soley Aloha team outside their new location in Paia Maui Hawaii

The Soley ʻohana & Carole, their first employee hired in 2018, outside the new location in Pāʻia, Maui, 2021

At Soley Aloha, we are all about giving back to our community and are involved with several charity events each year. We are still pushing forward and have some exciting things up our sleeves for the future. Follow us on Instagram @soleyaloha and sign up to join our newsletter ʻohana for updates on events and promotions. 

Mahalo for supporting our small business and reading our story,

Stu, Billie & Keegan Soley