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About Us

Soley family holiday photo taken in Maui, Hawaii


We are the Soleys, a young family living in Maui, Hawaii. The moment that we first experienced the Aloha Spirit, we found something to believe in, something to live by, and a way to make a difference in the world. The love for the earth, the love for one another, and the true sense of community are just a few of the things that Aloha can share and spread to the world.  

Our Business is built on these principles and we hope to spread all the light and love that we can. The Shapes formed to create the word ALOHA are symbols of a universal language that can cross barriers of all kinds; to bring people together with a mutual feeling and understanding of what the Aloha Spirit feels like. If you have felt it then you read these shapes with a better understanding that it should be a fundamental way of life which could enrich our whole society. "Its not just love, its a lifestyle". 

We are all about giving back to our community and are involved with several charity events every year. Follow us on Instagram (@soleyaloha) for updates on these events and all the sponsorship we are giving back to the community and the wonderful people involved in it. 


Stu, Billie and Keegan Soley